Wed 24 April, 2024 @ 5:11 AM
UTC/GMT (Greenwich Standard Time)

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Welcome to the official launch of GridStream Productions in The Secret World! For over ten years, GSP has been rocking the world of Anarchy Online, and now this sister station has been created to entertain and support the community of The Secret World. I'd personally like to thank the owners of GSP, Tarryk and Sprkly Kozar, for supporting us in this venture and entrusting me with Directorship.

GSP doesn't know how to kick things off in a small way, so we're going to celebrate our launch by helping The Secret World celebrate their one month anniversary weekend. We'll have live DJ's streaming the entire weekend from various points on-world starting on Friday, August 3rd at Noon EDT/4pm GMT. Whether it's music to mission to or a social spot to unwind, GSP has you covered! Also, you'll have chances to win an awesome in-game clothing item if you win one of our weekend contests!

Please note that some features of our website, and some of our services such as event requests and promotions, are "coming soon." We'll have updates on these services very soon!

Please join us on our forums, get to know the staff, and tune in! This is going to be one helluva ride!

DJ Ashval
Director of GridStream TSW

Site wide
The GridStream Productions webplatform is currently in heavy development so please be patient as the site evolves.

We are aware that a few features are unavailable at this time but we will bring them online as soon as they finish their development cycles.

In the meanwhile you can browse around and get a feel for the new layout and features that are ready.

Current & Upcoming Events

Shigy's Odd End
 DJ Shigy
 In 2d 5h 48m @ 11:00 AM, April 26 UTC

Blissful Elevations
 DJ Gemmikins
 In 3d 11h 48m @ 5:00 PM, April 27 UTC

Live, Loud and Proud
 DJ Screaminfu
 In 3d 14h 48m @ 8:00 PM, April 27 UTC

Big Hair Ball
 DJ Dharzee
 In 3d 18h 48m @ 12:00 AM, April 28 UTC

GSP Statistics

 Longest continuous DJ session

1. Ashval55h 00m
2. Stefano51h 06m
3. Dynamiks43h 36m
4. Drexlore29h 00m
5. Lykeios27h 30m

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