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This is the current crew listing!

Owner/DJ - Shigy
Manager/DJ - Gemmikins
Manager - Vallikat
GridStream Dev. - Gridfan
Administrator - Xtrophic
Asst. Admin/DJ - Tastyvixen
Training Officer/DJ - Dharzee
Training Officer/DJ - Sunserro
DJ - DaddyLes
DJ - Faithy
DJ - Joanwilder
DJ - Kaiaos
DJ - Kermie
DJ - Luckystarr
DJ - Oubliette
Special - Guest DJ




Shigy as a child when told all the different options for a proffesion on rubi ka asked so what cool tricks can they do? He became a MP simply becuase they can fly. He now hosts a radio show on Gridstream Productions.
He can butcher a name in under 5 seconds flat. He can leap tall atroxes in a single bound. Faster than a snared heckler.



Gemmikins is a solitus advie who likes nothing more but to daydream, listen to music and wiggle away at any social gathering she can. One who sticks true to nature she feels like she is one with the animals and although sometimes running into things she should want to hug she still has much to learn and grasp with the things around her. On her downtime from exploring she is often seen hugging and generally smiling to make those around her feel better on rough days and fantastic on their better days, with that said her music reflects her wishes and aims to bring an uplifting vibe all around in a blissful manner.



Vallikat was born in a small coastal town in Delaware. When she was 14 her family moved to Philly where she had to adjust to city life pretty quick. As the sterotypical shy country mouse, she presented an easy target for bullies but it didn't take long before she learned how take up for herself. She soon shook off her reputation as a naive small town girl and easily adapted into her roll as a street-wise Philly girl.

It was here in Philly that her love for music grew. The city itself oozed rock of all shapes and sizes and she loved it all. She took every opportunity over the years to attend the city's many music venues, both large and small. Additionally, she treasured her music collection which consisted of vinyl, digital media, and everything in between.

Her love for music and city life soon drew her to New York. It wasn't long after arriving that she found her dream job at Gridstream Productions and soon found herself drawn in to the world of the Illuminiati. Since then she often wonders which really came first. At first she believed that her associates in GSP were the ones who brought her name to the attention of Kristin Geary. However since coming to work for the Illuminati she wonders if maybe landing her job in GSP hadn't been carefully orchestrated. No matter, she is happy in both positions. As an Administrative Officer in GSP she is exceedingly proud of the work she's done in helping to recruit some of the best names in the business. Even though she knew she has to keep the details of her work with the Illuminati secret, it is still work that she finds very satisfying.


GridStream Dev.

If it's related to the weird and technical then this is your man, with great emphasis on weird, or creepy, actually mostly just creepy, honestly we're not even sure he's a man, must be all the tentacles.



Race: Nanomage
Home City: Jobe

Xtrophic was born in the city of Jobe, up in the plaza district in a wealthy family. As a child he grew very fond in fireworks and visual effects from having a great overview over the entierty of jobe. One of his uncles was an explorer, employed by the JOBE association, and Xtrophic used to take every chance he got to tag along his uncle on exploration expeditions. During this period as a child, both himself and the JOBE association began to see great potential in his neural network, something which allows him to control and command the nanobots that float around us. Taken into an JOBE academy he began to explore nano technology very closly and soon became very skilled in the science. Through his studies of the Great Masters, Izgimmer and Enfraam, he learned many ways to control the nanobots, most of which came out as weapons of mass destruction, which could inflict a great deal of damage. Xtrophic graduated top of his class from the JOBE academy with a masters degree in Nanotechnology.

After his graduation he took employment with the JOBE association, and spent many years exploring the world of Rubi-Ka, as well as the newly opened Shadowlands. He enjoyed the exploration a great deal, but after a while the loneliness grew strong and he began seeking other things, things that would make him a happier person. As he was out on a regular Rubi-Ka exploration he stumbled upon a place out in neutral territory from where he could faintly hear the sound of music. Drawn by the airwaves of these sounds he approached Reet''s Retreat and joined in to Party. This was his first contact which was to be known as GridStream Productions. After a few parties he realised this was what he wanted to do, and after a while he joined in among the growing ranks, to help and support the craziness :)


Asst. Admin/DJ

Divinity Tousand is .... different. She has never had things come to her easy in this life and always seems to be stumbling into trouble, usually head first. If anything speaks to the odd childhood she had its her first name, not from divine origins but because it is her mother's favorite desert. Divinity's mother being paranoid schizophrenic did raise her to take care of herself and how to survive under the most extreme of circumstances but years of survivalist training and being told that the world is out to get her has left her a bit odd to say the least. Well, turns out her mother was right and the world is indeed out to get her.... First a kamikaze bee, followed with a group even more insane then her mother and then a horde of zombies!
That is in fact where the nickname comes from. It seems that Divinity's favorite perfume is like zombie catnip. Undead for miles around showed up for a little snack the moment she came into town and it was only thanks to her new found friends that she wasn't lunch. And thus was she dubbed Tastyvixen and found herself in a ragtag family just as weird and dysfunctional as she.


Training Officer/DJ

A social pariah from a young age, Dharzee has spent most of his years wandering alone, using an inborn knack for exploration and a special talent for violence to support himself as an adventurer and bounty hunter.

A firm believer in the power of music to control and calm the restless beasts within, he found himself intrigued when he began encountering DJs from GridStream Productions holding live shows during several of his excursions. The warm welcome with which he was received by the DJs and their listeners unsettled him at first but he slowly grew more comfortable as he felt drawn to return more and more often.

Thankful for having found a sense of community that had eluded him for so long, Dharzee asked to join GridStream Productions, hoping to repay them for their kindness and to help pass it along to others.

While holding a special fondness for the upbeat, rock and roll style of the 'hair bands' of the 1980's, Dharzee has a wide ranging and eclectic taste in music... to where even he may be surprised at what he hacks up when he unleashes his "Big Hair Ball" upon the 'Stream.


Training Officer/DJ

Initially a recruit soldier for Omni-Tek, Sunserro quickly caught the eye of his supervisors with extreme acts of Class-1 stupidity, including, but not limited to: neglecting whompas and grid to traveling between cities by foot, confusing other recruits for his mission targets, and thinking "Yeah, I can jump that" on several occasions.
After several contract terminations over the years and switching sides, he's honed his skills , risen to the rank of "Colonel" and settled down with Gridstream Productions to help you take a break from the harsh world of Rubi-Ka.
Classified Addendum: The Grid System still confuses him from time to time.



Peter "Daddy" Les, once made fun of people who believed in silly things like magic or secret societies. Whenever somebody started talking conspiracy theories, he'd tell them to loosen their foil hat before it cut off the blood supply to their brain. Imagine his surprise when he woke up with a bee sting on his tongue and the ability to hurl fire. He quickly bent his newfound powers toward the betterment of mankind... which is to say, cooking marshmallows without needing to leave the sofa, and scaring his landlord into giving him free rent.

It wasn't to last, though. Before long, a skeezy guy wearing sunglasses and too much cologne came to him with an offer that set his nerves tingling. As soon as DaddyLes heard the words, "...to rule the world," he knew he'd found his calling. That feeling only grew stronger the moment he found himself alone with a zombie charging at him. Finding elation in the rush of adrenaline and the stench of scorched flesh, took to his new life with a smirk on his face and a song in his heart.

DaddyLes indulges in a mix of alternative and rock, with occasional forays into harder and softer stuff, depending on his mood and adrenaline level. Missing Time refers to his habit of spacing out - especially when listening to music - and wondering what the hell happened to the past few hours.



A free spirit, not only has Faithy always been the loyal type to join her friends in any new experience, she also allows herself to be led to new places by the sounds of music. When she found herself on Rubi-Ka, her love of both animals and archery led her to choose the Adventurer profession. Between learning the way of life on Rubi-Ka and adjusting to the daily grind, she was delighted to soon find herself resting and recharging among a group of people dancing, chatting, laughing, and sharing wide varieties of music. Finally, she felt that she had found her home away from home.



After 4 years of being a DJ, Joanwilder has finally come into her own. This Soli takes her role as an adventurer to the fullest when it comes to her music! You can find anything from Frank Sinatra/ Blake Shelton/ Lady Gaga/ Lamb of God... (well, you get the picture)... at any time during one of her shows. So if you don't care for a certain genre at the time, rest assured you'll eventually find something that is pleasing to your earholes! A little quirky and a lot of dorky, this fun sized gal brings a lot of fun to the table! "So sit down, shut up and hold on"!



Kaiaos is a person of many faces.
Their past is as familiar to you as your own, and as forgettable.
They blend into their environment as yet another peacock, another flash of color in a vibrant sea.

Yet, when you do find them, when you do see them, you won't want to let them go.



DJ Kermie is a throwback to the past. Most of his music is Goth/Industrial and Dance music from the 20th century, but occasionally he will play Jazz just to keep you on your toes. You'll hear the occasional 21st century tune as well. When not DJ'ing, Kermie is known to wander Rubi-Ka muttering to himself, "Why did I go here again?" But once he figures it out, keep your guard up. ADD is dangerous and he occasionally forgets what he is supposed to be fighting and kills everyone. (Message from GSP Management: "We can neither confirm nor deny these bizarre acts of violence. If they were to occur, we do not encourage them and wholeheartedly apologize for any untimely deaths that may have occurred. Thank you.")



Luckystarr is not your average Adventure. She loves anything that screams cute and happy! Leets included! She is always looking for a good time and most of all a reason to PARTY! Luckystarr's first experience with GSP dates all the way back to 2006 when she ran in to her first GSP party. She had no clue you could tune in and listen, as soon as she figured it out she was addicted to awesome madness that GridStream Productions offers to Anarchy Online everyday! =^-^= She is very happy to be apart of the GSP family and is looking forward to the future.



What can be said about Oubliette that hasn't already been said? Well, perhaps that she's cautious, very austere and loves tanning at the beach. Okay, there's a reason nobody says those things about her but here's what can be said with some degree of accuracy: Hailing from Manhattan and parts unknown, she came stumbling and crashing onto the London scene, Hollow Earth belching her forth like a hunk of undigested matter into the cobble streets of Ealdwych. Billing herself as a researcher on the trail of ancient mysteries, the blood-stains on her wardrobe hinted at less time in the library and more field. In short order she took up residence in "London Below" and rapidly became Darkside's unofficial but well recognized spokeswoman, a voice for and of the night, aiming to establish a balance between the concerns of the sunlight world and the needs of her kind. In the process, she promised not to bite the tourists too hard.

Often found lurking in the shadowy back corner of the Crusades Bar or wandering Ealdwych park on pleasant evenings, a conversation with her might end up discussing any number of conspiratorial topics, from hauntings to the origin of humanity to the truth behind the 'bees', Oubliette appears to have studied or experienced a little of it all and seems more than happy to ramble on 'til dawn. Rumors intimate that Oubliette is biding her time in Europe to avoid legal entanglements but others believe she crossed the Illuminated Ones and although the Templars aren't known for their love of blood-drinkers, she finds a level of safety on their turf from a more vindictive foe. It's also possible she simply pissed off everyone in New York City and got thrown out.

Having worked in radio and music in the 70's, it was a natural move to connect with Gridstream Productions, hungry for a diversion that didn't involve liberating old cuneiform tablets from the hands of angry mummified death-gods or being chased through ruined medieval villages by a packs of territorial lycanthropes. Her musical flavour runs the gamut from twenties jazz and opera, rock and Scandinavian death metal, to classical punk and industrial. Her show Permanent Midnight is an homage to the goth-punk eighties, horror film marathons, and the kinds of music that television-preachers warned your parents about. The wearing of sunglasses, velvet and spiked-leather is strongly encouraged.

WARNING: Opinions expressed on Permanent Midnight are those the the hostess and not this station. Grid Stream Productions is in no way responsible for blood-loss suffered from attendance of live shows, bodily harm, loss of limb or life, zombie attack, demonic possession, supernatural scarab infection, eye strain, tourettes, rickets, alien abduction, death by volcano, sharknado, loss of motor function, chupacabra, eldrich hallucinations, scurvy, polio, or curse of the were-stripper. Any resemblance to persons living, dead or undead is strictly un-un-non-likely. Offer not valid in Guam, New Jersey, Florida or R'lyeh. Do not use Permanent Midnight in direct sunlight. Excessive application may cause face-melting. Not for use to treat phantom limb syndrome. Do not taunt happy fun ball.

Guest DJ


From time to time we have special guest DJs. Keep your eyes open for this name to show up on our DJ lineups for a nice surprise!

Current & Upcoming Events

Blissful Elevations
 DJ Gemmikins
 In 13h 59m @ 8:00 PM, January 24 UTC

Kermies Krazy Corner
 DJ Kermie
 In 20h 59m @ 3:00 AM, January 25 UTC

 DJ Luckystarr
 In 3d 11h 59m @ 6:00 PM, January 27 UTC

Dark Side of the Sun
 DJ Sunserro
 In 4d 12h 59m @ 7:00 PM, January 28 UTC

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