Mon 2 October, 2023 @ 6:49 PM
UTC/GMT (Greenwich Standard Time)

Hey there -

Just checking in with some news to share with you guys.

As I'm sure you're aware by now last month we officially crossed the streams...and lived to tell the tale! We are now officially One Gridstream Community supporting both Anarchy Online and The Secret World. So far we think this has really worked out well. We'd like to get your feedback on it though. Good move? Not so good move? Loving every minute of it? Things you miss or wish we'd done differently? As always your feedback is important to us so we'd appreciate your (constructive) comments. :)

In recent weeks we also launched our brand new show: Pandora's Box. This show will be on Saturdays and just like the name suggests you never know what you might get. One week it will take place in Anarchy Online and the next it will take place in The Secret World. The times will change, the DJ's will change, and even the genre will change. It's all going to be pretty wacky. So far we're having fun with it and I hope you guys are too!

So what's on the horizon for GSP?

This weekend may mark the unofficial end of summer in the US, but summer is far from over in The Secret World. On September 7, Nine Swords Cabal is Celebrating The Draug Days of Summer. Time to put on those brand new bikinis, Hawaiian shorts, and flip flops in boogie in The Forsaken Oasis at 5:00 pm EDT.

But that's not all ye' skallywags! That's right September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day and in GSP we'll be doubling your Pirate Fun! We're starting on the 19th in the Secret world and then picking back up again on the 21st in Anarchy Online. As always keep your eyes peeled for details!

And as summer fun ends and we head into autumn we all know what that means. Halloween will be here with the usual array of tricks, treats, and parties in both AO and TSW. More details to come as we get closer to the witching season!

We've no doubt that there will be plenty of holiday events coming as well as we close out the year, but once the holidays are done, don't put those dancing shoes away just yet. DJ Ashval has announced that he'll be doing a weekend long marathon show starting on January 17 and hoping to break the record of 51 hours, 6 minutes set by Stefano. He'll be coming to you live from the Crusades in London. See this post for all the details:


One more thing before I let you go this time. We realize that with summer holidays we've had a number of cancellations due to vacations and whatnot. Now that summer is drawing to a close we expect that our schedules will be more consistent. We also have some new DJ's working their way through the application process on both game worlds. So don't fret, we've got plenty of liveness still to come!

As always, thanks for listening,

That's right we've reached our First Anniversary in the Secret World and we're going to be Partying in the Park for 2 days!

The party kicks off in Ealdwic Park in London at Noon EDT on Saturday, August 3 and keeps going for 12 full hours. We then pick up from the same location at noon EDT on Sunday to keep the party rocking! 

It may be our Birthday, but you guys will be getting the presents. That's right we'll have more contests with prizes to give away including 1200 bonus point keys and a 30-day sub key!!

Your invitation and all the details of this event can be found here:


Thanks for making this past year so fabulous and we look forward to many years to come!


While the merger continues to be an ongoing process, we have now officially crossed...er...merged the streams! (never ever cross the streams!)

Fans of the GridStream Player should love our new custom launch page. Just click Tune In on the site and follow the easy instructions. Or, you can always tune in from player.gridstream.org (easy to remember!).

If you use a different player and have the stream bookmarked, you will likely need to obtain a fresh link from the site.

Thanks for your patience throughout this process and thanks for listening! :)

First off, if you are reaching this website by accessing www.gridstream.org don't panic just yet. Read through the following. If you still wish to access the old website you may do so by going to old.gridstream.org.

The website has been updated to reflect the upcoming merger of the two GSP stations that will take place on Saturday.

The current updated website is still a little hybrid since we haven't actually done the merger itself, but we felt it needed to be done ahead of time since I am leaving on vacation tomorrow morning.

Some changes that will happen soon (probably tomorrow) is the following:
* The domain www.gridstream.org will be replaced with the current site you are viewing now.
* The old AO website can be accessed via old.gridstream.org for legacy purposes for now.
* The ao.gridstream.org and tsw.gridstream.org will redirect to www.gridstream.org once I am confident that the DNS change has come into affect.

So what happens next?

Regarding the website I'll first take about three weeks of vacation. After that I'll start implementing a few features we have discussed behind the scenes that we are sure you as listeners will appreciate. I'll give an update after the vacation as to what those plans are.

Some design overhaul is also planned where we will address some major and minor issues and to further strengthen "One GSP" on the website.

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