Fri 17 September, 2021 @ 7:07 PM
UTC/GMT (Greenwich Standard Time)

Well welcome to the end of the first quarter of 2020 and good lord what a start to this year! Did someone misread 2020 as the end of the world instead of 2012? So with that being said let's hope the last 9 months are less eventful and full of more togetherness and partying!

So far we are prepping for parties a little later in the year especially as GridStream Productions is turning the big 18 this year! That's right 18 long years we have been streaming and assaulting your ear holes. We have a few things rolling at present and if you have some ideas on what you would like to see please reach out to Gemmikins either via the GSP Facebook page, Discord or email at intunewithgemmikins@gmail.com.

We've seen some interest in becoming a DJ too. If you are interested in being a DJ please reach out to Shigy or Gemmikins and do come down to the shows when you can! We love to see new staff for either AO or TSW/SWL.

If you have suggestions on events or new promos you can always reach out to the GSP team as well. We love new content and hosting parties and generally bringing more of you together.

As always you are welcome to join the GSP Discord and hangout with us! Thanks for always listening and supporting us!

Where did summer go? We're now into Autumn/Fall and the fabulous change over of seasons and into the spooky goodness that is Halloween!

We have a few events already lined up this year for Halloween, two are courtesy of Valheru Ascendents who are hosting events on both RK2019 and RK5 this year!

Firstly we have their FANGtastically Frightful Halloween Boo Bash and Blood drive. This is on Saturday 26th October at 4pm Eastern in the Coast of Peace on the grassy area passed the Grid on the RK2019 server.

Their second event in on Saturday 2nd November at 4pm Eastern as well for their Hauntingly Frightful Halloween Boo Bash and Blood Drive. This is in the same area of Coast of Peace on RK5!

Both events will involve the chance for you to bring a backpack of ql 200+ blood plasma, one per player, to the hosts for a potential surprise. Along with the chance for AO Trivia and a Hide and Seek contest that is sure to help you find old and new friends along the way as well as the chance for goodies! Of course if you just want to join in the event and party and dance you are welcome to as GSP provides all the music for the events of all genres and styles to bring you a little bit of everything!

ARK are bringing you some spooktacular ghoulishness on Sunday 20th October at 2pm Eastern until 6pm too! Join ARK and GSP outside of the Steps of Madess as we bring you some howlingly good music and partying and some tricks and treats! Regardless of what you show you attend there will be all sorts of spooky things happening as we progress through the rest of October and into November!

Lastly Gemmikins is back to a non committed show time, her work load is just causing too much issue to dedicate to a set show time. She is hoping to aid the situation with a more flexible time schedule and DJing when she can rather than committing to her usual 3 hour time slot on Saturday. Prepare for random ninjas which might also be longer than 3 hours too!

As always stay safe and thank you for listening!

Well we've made it to Summer season and more parties with both Anarchy Online's 18th Anniversary, crazy how much time has passed, and The Secret World on the 3rd too!

We are in the midst of getting last minute plans for celebrations for both games so stay tuned for those last details.

However celebrations are in order for our winners of the GSP contest we had running this last month! We had three entrants in total so thank you to those who took part and thank you to those who thought about it too!

We had entries from Katelin/Ukblizzard, Ipewpewu and Shadykeep. All we fabulous entries and made us smile and laugh.

First place went to Katelin with the majority of our votes, she has won the $50 steam reward.

Second place went to Ipewpewu for his Meme of legal age in response to our request of including the number 17. He has won the $25 steam reward.

Third place went to Shadykeep for her screenshot of AO with a happy anniversary to us! She has won the $10 steam reward.

Congratulations to all our winners and stay tuned for more contests in the future you could win some more prizes!

Other than that we hope you stay safe this summer season or winter if you are in the Southern hemisphere!

Well hi all! Apparently my whole "I need to post, it's now April" totally went out of the window, especially since well it's May!

So we've made it past Easter and well into Spring and well onto GSP's own anniversary!

That's right GSP is turning 17 this year and we are planning to celebrate on the 18th and 19th of this month. Gemmikins is also planning to bring you a contest, regardless of what game you play, if you listen to GSP you will want to stay tuned for details as we get closer to the 18th!

Along with that we also get closer to the AO and TSW/SWL anniversaries and celebrating their on going liveness and bringing us the pleasures they do for so many years! So stick around for some posts across the forums/social medias with party dates and any other plans we might have to bring you some goodies!

If your wanting to request events or promos in the mean time please feel free to contact Gemmikins at intunewithgemmikins@gmail.com along with any questions you may have. We are always looking for new staff for our team as well as welcome you to invite your friends to hang out and tune into us!

As always thank you for listening and being a part of the GSP community!

Current & Upcoming Events

Live, Loud and Proud
 DJ Screaminfu
 In 1d 0h 52m @ 8:00 PM, September 18 UTC

Cosy Corner
 DJ Gemmikins
 In 1d 2h 52m @ 10:00 PM, September 18 UTC

Talk Like a Pirate Party!
 DJ Gemmikins
 In 1d 22h 52m @ 6:00 PM, September 19 UTC

Blissful Elevations
 DJ Gemmikins
 In 2d 2h 52m @ 10:00 PM, September 19 UTC

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