Tue 23 July, 2024 @ 1:54 PM
UTC/GMT (Greenwich Standard Time)

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So we've skipped from Summer to Winter in one fell swoop.

We have celebrated so many items the last 4 months from;
GSP/Funcom's Anniversaries, birthday parties, Halloween parties for both listeners and GSP/ARK along with Ding 220 Events.

As we round out the year we have more parties from Unity of the Roses' 21st Anniversary party to AO Christmas parties to New Year and maybe some more birthday/Ding 220 parties! So come join as we celebrate and close out 2022 in style.

Unity of the Roses' 21st Anniversary Party is the 4th December at 4pm Eastern/9pm UTC down on Reets Retreat Glass dancefloor and we will be partying for 2 hours so come celebrate with them then!

Anarchy Online's ARK and GridStream Productions will be the 18th December at 2pm Eastern/7pm UTC location is TBD at this time, come for the music and prizes and fun as we celebrate the pre-Christmas atmosphere!

GSP will likely have their own event so stick around for that memo and Gemmikins is planning to spread a little extra love so stay tuned for those items soon!

As always we hope you have a lovely start to the holiday season if you celebrated it and hope you remain safe this tail end of the year before ringing in 2023! Thank you for being part of our community and we love you all!

Happy Thanksgiving/Merry Christmas/Happy New Year - Gemmikins <3!

So the last few months have been interesting for GridStream Productions.

We have celebrated anniversaries for both GridStream, Anarchy Online and The Secret World (we had intended to do a promo for TSW but ran out of time). We appreciate all of you who came down for those events and celebrated with us and hope to see more of you next year!

We have celebrated the life of our good friend Louie (DJ Chaimera/Jawhammer) who will be dearly missed and we wish we could have more time with them. We appreciated seeing each one of you who said something/messaged something and attended the celebration. We appreciate the fact we had kind words from Joanwilder and a recording from Vallikat and we especially appreciate the awesome Guest DJ set from Dithyramb.

We also have sad news from DJ Shigy who is stepping into a hiatus with his show as he will be working 6 days a week and long hours for the next few months maybe until the end of this year. We hope this project goes well for him and he will be back on the air soon!

In light of this DJ Dithyramb could not keep away, he slipped his application in and was invited back to the crew today! We welcome him back and hope to hear him on the air soon! We are also hearing other staff interested in coming back to the crew and helping us out again as well so stay tuned for the next returning face!

We are expecting to host a Summer Beach party as we roll into August and we hope to see you soon and celebrate the last of the summer sun and heat or in the cool seasons if you are in the Southern hemisphere!

If you are interested in joining the team, hosting an event or wanting a promo please don't hesitate to reach out to Gemmikins at intunewithgemmikins@gmail.com! We hope to help where we can even with our limited staff just bare with us if it may not always fit your schedule but we will assist where we can!

As always we appreciate you all and hope to see you at a show soon!

GSP has been so busy since 2022 started and we appreciate you for all coming down and hanging out with us at the shows we've had this start of the year!

We have had a few Ding 220 parties, we have celebrated Valentine's Day, impromtu Easter fun and GSP's 20th Anniversary!

We are bringing you more goodies this weekend, a ding 220 party and Gemmikin's 10th GSP Anniversary next weekend and then we will be partying with ARK on 18th June for the 21st Anniversary of Anarchy Online! Join us in the ICC Assembly Hall at 7pm UTC/3pm Eastern as we celebrate 3 hours of fun for all things Anarchy Online!

We plan to have a few more Ding 220/AI 30 parties and hopefully some love for The Secret World as well! There should be some summer fun this year and then we will be looking to the spooky season and festive period for 2022. GSP aims to bring you as much party goodness as we can with the staff we have!

If you have any questions on how to host an event please reach out to Gemmikins (intunewithgemmikins@gmail.com) or via Discord/Facebook and she will be happy to assist!
She can help you with any events and promotions you wish to run so feel free to ask her for any information needed!

Along with this, we are still looking for DJs to join our team. Please reach out to any of our staff and we will happily give you the information on how to join our team!

I hope 2022 brings you some fantastic fun and we hope to see you at as many shows as possible for the year! Much love to you all!

Well, we've made it through most of the holiday season without too much chaos.

Everyone from GridStream Productions wishes you a happy and safe time during what remains of the holiday season and hope you have all had a pleasant and stress-free time as much as can be possible.

We have one last festive period this holiday season and invite you to join the team over the 31st December/1st January to take part in the last of 2021 parties and the start of 2022 celebrations. We hope 2022 is a better brighter year for you all and we hope to see more of you at the shows in the year to come.

We hope 2022 slows for others and allows the GSP team to grow and bring you more events and parties this year. There will still be a couple of larger out of game contests for you to take part in so stay tuned for those details when they come to light and as always thank you for always being there and tuning in!

Current & Upcoming Events

Shigy's Odd End
 DJ Shigy
 In 2d 21h 5m @ 11:00 AM, July 26 UTC

Blissful Elevations
 DJ Gemmikins
 In 4d 3h 5m @ 5:00 PM, July 27 UTC

Live, Loud and Proud
 DJ Screaminfu
 In 4d 6h 5m @ 8:00 PM, July 27 UTC

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